Disney Plus drama Blood Free Finale Interpretation Impossible…

Blood Free Finale

Every Wednesday, I never forget to watch the drama Blood Free on Disney Plus, which has ended with its 10th episode. However, the finale is so incomprehensible that it seems to have been hastily concluded.It’s as if they are already producing Season 2 so quickly. The drama Bloog Free started with the fresh subject of … Read more

Famous Cherry Blossom Spot in Chungju, Korea

Famous Cherry Blossom Spot of Chungju

Fortunately, I visited three cherry blossom spots in Chungju just in time for the cherry blossom season this year.There are three famous places for cherry blossoms in Chungju: Habang Village, Chungju Dam, and Suanbo which is the last place to bloom.The cherry blossoms are the same in each place, but the feeling was quite different. … Read more

60 gye Tiger Chicken Review

60 gye Tiger Chicken Review

60 gye tiger chicken that I chose while thinking about delivering sweet and sour chicken.I like original style of Korean fried chicken, but I ordered it because I needed something stimulating. I tried 60 gye chicken for the second time.I didn’t have a big impression when I first ate it, but I was curious about … Read more

Domino Korea’s New American Patty Melt Pizza Review – Western Hot Wing Half Price Event Good

Domino Korea's New American Patty Melt Pizza Review

I couldn’t resist the temptation and ordered Domino Korea’s new pizza, American Patty Melt Pizza.Currently, Domino Korea is holding an event that offers a 50% discount(only to go) on American patty melt pizza and a 50% discount on a few sides.I think this is the best time to taste Domino Korea’s American Patty Melt Pizza. … Read more