Netflix Love and Leashes review – Just a romance movie with different sexual preferences

Netflix Love and Leashes review

I checked that the movie Love and Leashes was registered on Netflix and started watching it right away.These days, I can’t really see Netflix unless it’s Korean dramas or Korean movies. ^^ I started watching it without prior knowledge of Love and Leashes.When I saw Seohyun and Lee Joon-young appear, I was expecting that it … Read more

Movie Home Team With No Reason Not to Recommend

Movie Home Team With No Reason Not to Recommend

I’m posting a review of the movie home team released on Netflix.On the same day, the Korean zombie drama All of Us Are Dead, which is receiving so much attention, was released that it received little attention.I think this home team is the movie that has no reason not to recommend. The Home Team is … Read more

K movie Tomb of the River Review

Tomb of the River

The movieTomb of the River is a Korean gangster movie.For a while, a gangster movie has caused a boom in Korean movies.Since then, the gangster movie has not been seen well for a while, but it is a gangster movie that has been produced for a long time. The title of the movie Tomb of … Read more

Apple TV Plus Finch Review – A movie you shouldn’t miss

Apple TV Plus Finch Review - A movie you shouldn't miss

This is a review of the movie Finch starring Tom Hanks registered on Apple TV Plus on January 5th.To briefly review the movie Finch first, it’s a movie that shouldn’t be missed that touches Tom Hanks‘ acting, who never disappoints.These days, I watched too many movies and dramas with Netflix’s cruel cuts, so I watched … Read more

Escape from Mogadishu review

K-movie Escape from Mogadishu reivew

The K-movie Escape from Mogadishu set in the Somali Civil War is now available as a streaming service.It’s been a while since I watched a good movie without necessities. Title : Escape from MogadishuRelease date : July 28, 2021. (Korea)Number of viewers : 3.6 million. (korea)Director : Ryoo Seung-wanStarring : Kim Yoon-seok, Jo In-sung, Heo … Read more

Netflix The Starling Review

Netflix The Starling Review

Write down the reviews of the movie The Starling, which began distribution through Netflix on September 24. Personally, Melissa McCarthy, my favorite actor, appears, so the movie I’ve been waiting for after applying for a notification in advance is The Starling. I think Melissa McCarthy is the best American actress who has built her territory.Comic … Read more