Netflix The Weekend Away Review, It’s a bit disappointing after the middle.

I’m posting a review of the movie The Weekend Away which I watched on Netflix.
Whether I’m becoming a slave to Netflix or doing something else, I’m playing it habitually.
I don’t think about what to see, but I think I only see the big ones at the top on Netflix.

Netflix The Weekend Away Review

The start of the movie The Weekend Away begins with the liberation of childcare.
Not long after giving birth, Beth leaves her child to her husband and goes on a trip to get out of parenting.

Netflix The Weekend Away Review

And she meets her old friend Kate and has a good time such as a good accommodation and a good restaurant.
Compared to Beth, who was trapped in home and childcare, Kate seemed to be living a free life.

The club she went with Kate and the next day Beth finds out that her friend Kate has disappeared, and the journey to find Kate begins.

Netflix The Weekend Away Review

And next to Beth, there’s a taxi driver who helps her.
I would be very lucky to meet such a taxi driver at a travel destination.

Netflix The Weekend Away Review

Beth doesn’t remember well and starts tracking the day again with the taxi driver.

At the beginning of the movie The Weekend Away, I just watched it like that, but after Kate disappeared, I began to focus a lot.
It would be better to omit the plot after this.
If you know the plot of a mystery movie like this, it’s hard to find fun.

Movie The Weekend Away Review

The tremendous fun of The Weekend Away will be solved in an instant.
The tension and the fun of imagining what the next situation will be like disappearing in an instant.
I think the problem was that the director or writer put in a lot of devices to escape the audience’s expectations.
It’s an ending with twists and turns, but it was hard to feel the fun shown in the early and mid-term.
I think this is the most regrettable thing about The Weekend Away.

Nevertheless, I think it was okay among the mystery movies I’ve seen recently.
It would be nice to watch The Weekend Away.