Disney Plus drama Blood Free Finale Interpretation Impossible…

Every Wednesday, I never forget to watch the drama Blood Free on Disney Plus, which has ended with its 10th episode. However, the finale is so incomprehensible that it seems to have been hastily concluded.
It’s as if they are already producing Season 2 so quickly.

The drama Bloog Free started with the fresh subject of ‘cultured meat’ and I personally liked it from the start with the combination of Han Hyo-joo, Ju Ji-hoon, and the writer of Stranger, Lee Soo-yeon.

Overall, with a dark and heavy atmosphere, plus the advantages of Disney Plus’s video quality and sound, I was looking forward to what kind of ending it would have… But in Episode 10, it ended so abruptly as if the writer had just given up. In fact.
I was watching it thinking it was a 12-part series, so I didn’t even realize it had ended after watching the 10th episode.

The content of the last episode was so rapidly developed that there are still many parts I don’t understand.

  • Where did Woo Chae-woon’s amazing ability go in the final battle scene?
  • Why did the part where Woo Chae-woon went to Dubai disappear entirely? Of course, there is a scene where Onsan looks at a few photos and talks about it in the second half…
  • Did Jung Da-hae not lose her memory?
  • Why did the employees at Woo Chae-woon’s house, including the cat, pack up?
  • Was Yoon Ja-yu’s monologue indicating that the surgery was successfully completed? Or was it just the brain that was kept alive?
  • It ends with Woo Chae-woon opening his eyes… Did he survive?

Especially since Yoon Ja-yu’s monologue and Woo Chae-woon’s face appear in the final scene, did Yoon Ja-yu end up only saving the brain due to the battle that occurred during the surgery? Or was Yoon Ja-yu’s brain transplanted into Woo Chae-woon’s body?

The disappointing development shown in Episode 10 will likely result in Blood Free receiving poor reviews for a while.
If Season 2 production is already decided, then such an ending would be understandable, but if there is no Season 2, it might become another problematic work by writer Lee Soo-yeon following Grid.

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