How to solve ingrown hairs! Ulike Laser Hair Removal Machine Review

Summer is coming soon. Summer is already just around the corner.
Are there a lot of things you need to pay attention to when summer comes?
Among them, hair removal to reveal bare skin~!!!

Why is it so hairy?
I’m naturally hairy, so I’ve been removing my hair since I was young.
I received laser treatment on my armpits at a dermatologist,
waxed my arms and legs, and shaved them with a razor every day in the summer.

However, removing hair with a razor is very bad for your skin.
When I was in my 20s, I didn’t get ingrown hairs even if I kept removing my hair with a razor, but
at some point, the ingrown hairs got really bad… …
Especially the legs~!!!!!!!
It’s in a really serious state, as if a mechanical lead is stuck in the hood… ..
I was wondering if I should go to the dermatologist and get laser hair removal.

However, the cost is high and it
is not completely removed even after one or two treatments, so it is problematic to have to undergo treatment consistently. Moreover,
after hearing that a close friend of mine suffered a burn after receiving laser hair removal at a dermatologist,
I gave up on receiving the treatment at a hospital.

Then I looked into a home laser hair removal machine.
There were several brands, but the reason I chose the Ulike laser hair remover is because
it has a cooling function.
The cooling function is very important.

How to solve ingrown hairs! Ulike Laser Hair Removal Machine Review

When using a laser hair removal machine, you may experience a significant amount of heat.
If there is no cooling function, it will get really hot and you won’t be able to use it..?
After looking into several brands, I found Ulike because it had a pretty design and I really liked it.
I thought it would be difficult to use if it was too heavy, but the size and weight seemed appropriate.

How to solve ingrown hairs! Ulike Laser Hair Removal Machine Review

In my case, I was really, really lucky and got a bargain with Danngn market(Korea’s Used Market App).
When I searched for Danngn market, I found someone who posted it after using it a couple of times,
so thankfully I was able to get it at a much cheaper price than the regular price.
Thank you for being so gracious~

How to solve ingrown hairs! Ulike Laser Hair Removal Machine Review

As shown in the photo, the full box of Ulike laser hair removal equipment was there and
there was almost no feeling of use.
The box came in like new, so
I would like to express my gratitude to the seller of Carrot once again.

I recommend that you read the manual for instructions before use.
It’s not difficult to use, so just use it consistently.
The most important thing here is to be consistent~!!!! Really consistently~~!!!!!!

If you work hard at first and then forget about it because it’s annoying, you won’t see any results.
So, you have to do it consistently from time to time.

In my case, I started at the highest level and did it every day for about a week.
It felt slightly red and irritated.
So, after that, I increased the frequency to every 2-3 days,
and then once a week,
and then once every two weeks.

Check the condition of the legs and check how much hair has grown, and decide on the cycle.
To be effective, you must remove hair before use, and
there will be no smell of burnt hair… ..
Be sure to remove hair before using

Here, I’ll show you the before and after photos that everyone is curious about.
I really don’t want to reveal the before photos, but… … .
I’m very embarrassed, but… ..I’ll reveal it.

How to solve ingrown hairs! Ulike Laser Hair Removal Machine Review

Hahahahaha… .The condition of my legs was serious… ..
It was very, very serious, with the lead of the mechanical pencil stuck in it… .
I didn’t want to see it, so I pulled it out again and again, and it got worse… … … .

Now, let me reveal
the after photo~!!!!!!

Can you see it???? My legs are now clean??????
It was really serious so I did it consistently.
Then I saw it getting better and now I only use it once in a while.

It’s not that hair doesn’t grow on the legs at all, but very thin, fine hair-like hair does grow.
So these days, after washing, I look at the condition of my legs and think, should I give it a try today?
I tend to do it once when I feel like it.

I really recommend the YouLike laser hair removal machine.
Can you prove the condition of my legs?
It’s definitely worth the money!

Summer is coming soon, so I hope you prepare for hair removal in advance like me and enjoy the summer by wearing shorts and skirts as much as you like~.

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