Netflix Juvenile Justice Review – Heavy Juvenile Crime Story and Great Acting

I expected it to be a court story after seeing photos of Juvenile Justice registered on Netflix on February 25 and actors in judges’ uniforms, but I didn’t expect to talk about such a heavy topic.

Juvenile Justice is seriously and in detail telling stories about juvenile delinquents (boys’ crimes) that are posted on the news once in a while.
These four actors, Kim Hye-soo, Kim Mu-yeol, Lee Sung-min, and Lee Jung-eun, are leading Juvenile Justice, and what’s unusual is that the four actors have different perspectives.
In other words, I think it’s another advantage of Juvenile Justice to be able to see the contents of juvenile crimes with four other perspectives.

Juvenile Justice’s Cast

Shim Eun-seok (Kim Hye-soo)

She is a cool-headed and capable judge who makes the line “I detest young offenders” memorable.

It’s a character that makes me wonder if I can meet her in reality, but she leads the juvenile referee by solving the case dangerously every time.

I think I can say that it’s Kim Hye-soo.

Cha Tae-joo (Kim Mu-yeol)

He seems to be the softest judge in Juvenile Justice, but he has a backgorund story.

In the beginning, I was worried that it would play a role in causing a conflict with Judge Shim Eun-seok, but from the middle, I began to agree with Cha Tae-joo.

Kang Won-joong (Lee Sung-min)

As a senior judge of the juvenile criminal agreement department, Juvenile Justice shows a judge close to a legend.

It tells the story that judges who judge juvenile crimes are also not free from juvenile crimes due to Juvenile Justice’s mid-to-late son’s participation in juvenile crimes.

Na Geun-hee (Lee Jung-eun)

Na Geun-hee, who will replace Gangwon Middle School in the second half of the season, is a senior judge with the type that Juvenile Justice showed before and the type that was in the first half.

With the appearance of chief judge Na Geun-hee, the story behind judge Shim Eun-seok will come to the surface.

There are four actors who look flawless anywhere in Juvenile Justice, but what caught the eye more than this is the actors who appeared in every case.

Juvenile Justice

It seems that all of the adult actors played the role, and they really showed enough anger to the end of my heads.
I’ll have to find out who the actors are in the roles.

Juvenile Justice Review

It is a drama that fully deals with the reality of juvenile crime.
It may be uncomfortable to watch, but I think this kind of drama should have come out once.
Without OTT like a Netflix, production would not have been easy.

It’s not an easy way to binge watch a total of 10 episodes at once, but as it’s divided into several events, it’s good to watch them separately.

If Korean dramas released on Netflix have been aimed at the world, Juvenile Justice does not seem to take this into account.
In particular, it should be noted that it is the first debut work of writer Kim Min-seok who wrote Juvenile Justice’s script.
I think it took a considerable amount of preparation time.

Netflix Juvenile Justice’s actress Lee yeon as Baek Seong-woo