Netflix Juvenile Justice’s actress Lee yeon as Baek Seong-woo

Lee Yeon plays the role of Baek Seong-woo in the Korean drama Juvenile Justice released on Netflix on February 25.
In the first episode of Juvenile Justice, she showed an intense performance that caught the eye.

Baek Seong-woo, the role of actress Lee Yeon in Juvenile Justice is a male middle school student.
At first, I thought of her as a male actor, but actress Lee Yeon played the role of a male middle school student well through her neutral and young appearance.

Actress Lee Yeon was born in February 1995 and her real name is Jeong Yi Yeon.
She made her debut in 2018 with the the movie Ignorance and her agency is Echo Global Group.

She has continued to appear in short films since her debut.
Foreigners will probably be able to see their first appearance on Netflix’s D.P.

Actress Lee Yeon’s appearance

  • Movie : How to Breathe under the Water (2017)
  • Movie : Warning: Explicit Content (2017)
  • Movie : Ignorance (2018)
  • Movie : Height of the Wave (2019)
  • Drama : Drama Special: Good Bye, B1 (2019)
  • Movie : Take Me Home (2020)
  • Movie : COSMOS (2020)
  • Movie : A Lonely Island in the Distant Sea (2021)
  • Movie : Source of the Odour (2021)
  • Drama : D.P. (2021)
  • Drama : Juvenile Justice (2022)

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