Abandoned dog Dachshund Chamggae adoption story

I’m going to talk about how my dog sesame became a family.
Chamggae was abandoned dogs.
After seeing the announcement of abandoned dogs, we adopted Chamggae on Feb 2017.

Announcement of adoption of abandoned dog dachshund Chamggae.
Announcement of adoption of abandoned dog dachshund Chamggae.

This is a capture of the announcement of Dachshund Chamggae on the Korean abandoned dog adoption site Pawinhand.

Chamggae is dachshund females and have a pretty appearance, so we were able to adopt them quite quickly.

Unfortunately, in Korea, it is said that female dogs with good breeds sometimes adopt for other reasons.
Therefore Chamggae was protected by abandoned dog-related person, not abandoned dog centers.

When we traveled to Seattle in the United States, we took an abandoned dog on a plane and adopted it abroad.
And there was a time when abandoned dogs near the house were rescued.

At that time, we had a relationship with a person related to abandoned dogs we met, and through this person, we adopted Chamggae on the day we expressed our intention to adopt.

First meeting with abandoned dog Dachshund Chamggae
First meeting with abandoned dog Dachshund Chamggae.

Chamggae, whom we first met at the veterinary hospital, looked very thin and very anxious.
Chamggae was so dry that the ribs and vertebrae were visible, and the toenails were very long.
The hair condition was not good, and there were many tartar on the teeth.
But Chamggae’ eyes were sparkling.

Abandoned dog Dachshund Chamggae adoption story

The meaning of the name Chamggae is sesame.
In Korea, there is a custom that if you give a dog a name for the food, it will live a long time.
So we decided to call her sesame.

Chamggae is a female dachshund and is estimated to be two years old.
Someone threw away the short-haired dachshund in the freezing winter of February in Korea.
So it was even prettier.

Chamggae was unusually good at eye contact from the beginning.
I thought dogs were not good at eye contact with people, but Chamggae are really good at eye contact.

Chamggae's first day at home
Chamggae’s first day at home

As soon as Chamggae entered the house, they sprinkled snacks everywhere in the house.
It was to make Chamggae adapt well to the house even a little.

Fortunately Chamggae had a good first day at home.
We couldn’t prepare dog supplies because we were in a hurry to adopt her.
I remember buying dog supplies at Pet Supply store in a hurry.

Dachshund Chamggae that we're a family now
Chamggae’s nap 3 days after coming home.

Fortunately Chamggae adapted well to the house.
Now Chamgge is our family.
She seems to think of herself as a person, not a puppy and has become a puppy that stalks us.

Dachshund Chamggae, discarded without clothes in the middle of winter, has already been with us for more than five years.

You can see the video of Chamggae on this Youtube Channel.