Walking in the park with Chamggae after a long time, fine dust gets better

It’s not easy to go out with Chamggae in the middle of winter.
It is also a dachshund short hair, but Chamggae found near the mountain, not even Yongin‘s residential complex, in February, which was probably extremely cold at the time.
I hate going out of the house when the weather is cold.
Chamggae feel that the cold is a life threat.

It’s hard to go out because it’s cold below zero, and it’s not easy to go out to a park close to Chamggae due to the fine dust that comes when the weather gets warmer.
Meanwhile, on the afternoon of February 7th, I suddenly found out that the fine dust level had improved and went to Chamggae and parks.
The temperature is 7 degrees, but the temperature is estimated to be 2-3 degrees.

I’m sure all dogs do, but they love unpaved roads.
I think it’s because I can grab the soil with my toenails, so I walked on the unpaved road outside the park with Chamggae.
It’s best from noon to 2 in winter, but it’s around 4 o’clock because of the fine dust.
The winter sun is already passing.

Walking in the park with Chamggae after a long time, fine dust gets better

In the end, the unpaved road outside was filled with trees and there was no sunlight, so Chamggae refused to walk more and moved to such a sunny place and crowded place. And we came back home.

The wind was quite strong, so the temperature felt low.
The fine dust seems to have gone away quickly because of this wind.
It’s getting cold again, so I’ll wait for a warm day without fine dust to come again.