Sunbathing Dog Chamggae

Chamggae really like sunbathing.

​Dogs also say that sunlight is one of the important factors to stay healthy.
Maybe that’s why Chamggae goes up to the sunny window and drowses for a while when the sunlight starts to come into the house.

Sunbathing Dog Chamggae

Because my house faces south, the sun doesn’t come long in the summer, but it comes deep into the house in the winter.
In winter, Chamggae lie down and rest along the sun’s location.
For Chamggae, it seems to be a very important day’s work day.

In summer, Chamggae can’t stay in the sun for long, but she takes a sunbathing, comes down when it gets hot, and then goes up again.
In winter, Chamggae sleep on that spot.

Sunbathing Dog Chamggae

Chamggae get restless when asked to ‘sit’ on the street.
She does not want to stick her hips to the floor outside.
Other puppies sit well…

There are times when such Chamggae lie down on the street.
Just in the middle of the summer, when the strong sun shines over 30 degrees, Sidewalk or asphalt…
There are times when she just lie down like this on a floor that’s warm by the sun.

When Chamggae lie down like this, passersby see and say something.
At first, I didn’t like it, so I moved her quickly, but these days, I just let it go.
Chamggae, which have enjoyed sunbathing while changing her positions to expose both sides of the body, begin to move again after a while.

Sunbathing Dog Chamggae

The same was true of a trip to the western United States with Chamggae.
In the western part of the United States, especially in Los Angeles, the midday sun was so hot that it felt very sharp.

She’ve been waiting for mom to go into the store at Woodburn Outlet, and she’ve shown you Lie from time to time.
What’s unique is that Chamggae was lying in front of the main entrance of the store, and none of the people passing by said anything.
The puppies lying down on the street seem to be routine.

​It was one of the differences between Korean and American pet cultures, and it was not expressing much interest in other dogs, namely dogs of different dog owners.
When somebod pass by, no one shouts that you’re pretty. No one’s making weird noises.
If someone is interested in Chamggae, ask us first and get permission to touch her.
Korea has gotten a lot better, but I think it will take a little longer.

Sunbathing with Dogs

I’m not a veterinarian, so I don’t know exactly how much sunbathing affects dogs, but it seems to affect their mental health.
When the weather is bad and the days when the sun doesn’t come into the house continue, Chamggae show quite a gloomy appearance.
Also, if you take a sunbathing, the smell of Chamggae decreases a lot.