Outside temperature and outdoor activities of my dog

It’s been more than three years since we adopted Chamggae.
As the COVID-19 increased the time spent with Chamggae, I began to understand her behavior one by one.
One of them is outdoor activities, depending on the temperature outside.

This article may correspond to the short hairs and dog breeds of Chamggae(dacshund). It depends on the dog.
The temperature and temperature indicated in this article will be more sensible than absolute temperature.

I organized the outdoor activities of sesame seeds due to the outside temperature.

Subzero temperature

Terribly Chamggae does not want to go outside.
Even if I dress her up and go out, She is going to pee and go back home right away.
Chamggae seem to feel that sub-zero temperatures are life-threatening.
However, if she walk around in winter clothes and feel that her body temperature is somewhat protected, she will move, but she always hope to return home quickly.
Actually, the dog’s clothes cover the chest and back, but it doesn’t cover the stomach at all, so I think it’ll be cold.
It seems certain that sub-zero temperatures are dangerous to one’s life because of the short fur of a small dog.

A temperature between 0 and 3 degrees

The outside temperature is 0 degrees Celsius and there is no wind, and when there is sunshine, Chamggae feel relaxed.
With the sunlight, the temperature felt by Chamggae is higher.
She starts to smell it.
She does not have to go home right away, and she can walk around the house quite a bit.
If there is no sunlight at 0 degrees, she would like to return home quickly.

A temperature of three to eight degrees

If it’s above 3 degrees, she shows a little activity even if it’s windy or cloudy.
she dose not go far from home, but seh is good at walking around.
But she does not feel like coming out of the house often.
And Chamggae walk fast. I need to walk faster if I walk together.

A temperature of eight to thirteen degrees

Chamggae is still fast.
However, the radius of activity has increased considerably, so she can get around quite a bit.
It’s a perfect temperature for Chamggae and exercise, and she can walk around outside for up to two or three hours.

Early 20 degrees at 13 degrees

Chamggae shows the best activity.
She is a little slow, so it’s perfect for walking around together.
I can see Chamggae that don’t feel threatened by life.
She shows the most vigorous nose-walking and is led by the smell to go to unexpected places.
Around this time, I went to the local alley because of Chamggae.
She likes to go outside and sometimes express her intention to go out.
She can go out together without a limit on the number of times a day.

After mid-20 degrees

Chamggae begin to struggle with the heat.
She start walking around looking for shade, and she slow down a lot.
She doesn’t look like a cold response, or life-threatening
Chamggae is shown adjusting the pace of her steps to control her body temperature.
She does not even run well.
The activity range of Chamggae will also decrease.
At this temperature, Chamggae does not mind being rained on.
When I go camping with Chamggae at this temperature, she just sleep.

Chamggae weak against cold and heat

Chamggae were rescued in a very cold winter in February.
Of course, she wasn’t even wearing clothes.
She was rescued in a remote area, not even in a residential area, and she is presumed that the bones were thin enough and suffered a lot from the cold.
Is it because of this?
It may be that she really hate the cold, but I think about the short hair, it seems true that she is are weak against the cold.
If I look at other dachshunds, friends of Chamggae, I can’t see them limiting their activities to this extent even if it’s cold.

As it is weak against cold, I think that it will last longer than cold, but because her fur color is black, it absorbs sunlight quickly, but she is also weak against heat.
In other words, Chamggae appear weak in both cold and hot weather.

Chamggae to control body temperature

But I can see that Chamggae is concerned about her own body temperature control.
She does not care about getting rained on in the middle of summer, but she does not like spring and fall.
When it rains, she tries to return to home or car and takes a quick walk home.
In the midday of summer, she try to get out of the sun with a quick step, and when she goes into the shade, she control her body temperature with a slow step.

As the dog breed Dachshund is a German dog breed, it seems to be a little vulnerable to the four seasons in Korea.
The winter in Germany is the early spring in Korea, with an average of minus 0.4 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 4.4 degrees Celsius.
Summer in Germany is about spring in Korea, with an average of 14.3 degrees and an average of 23.7 degrees.
If I look at the temperature of summer and winter in Germany, Chamggae seem to be a perfect temperature for activity.

In Korea, where there are four seasons, I have to check the temperature very hard to be with Chamggae.