Dog nose work toys, it called nose tree in Korea

Chamggae, which are extremely reluctant to go outdoors in the cold winter, gain weight in the winter.
This is dog nose work toys that I bought at home for Chamggae which has very little activity.
Chamggae only takes a rest and a rest at home.

Dog nose work toys in korea, nose tree, sniff tree

It is a popular dog toy in Korea.
There is a nose work mat at the bottom of the product and the top is a structure that allows the dog to turn around and drop the treat to eat.
In Korea, it is called a nose tree or a snuff tree.

In Korea, people raise many small dogs.
Due to the apartment-rich housing environment in Korea, it is not easy to raise large dogs, and dogs stay indoors except for going out once or twice a day.

Most of the dog’s mummy and daddy have work, so it seems that the dog’s waiting time at home alone is not short.
It’s a toy for dogs who wait alone like this.
that’s why it’s so popular.

According to the review, dogs spend quite a long time eating snacks, so I bought this one.

But Chamggae didn’t take long.
After all, this toy is stuck somewhere in the house.
It does not work for Chamggae.