Canisource Grand Cru dog dried food review

The new dog food that my wife bought for Chamggae this time is canisource grand cru.
I searched Canisource Grand Cru and found that it costs a little less than 70,000 KRW(about $58) for 2kg.
We’re giving dog frozen food in the evening, so I’am arguing that we might be able to buy a lower grade dog dried food, but wife seems to be anxious because of the disadvantages of dog frozen food.

The appearance of Canisource Grand Cru

Canisource Grand Cru dog dried food review

The box is a bit luxurious.
Maybe it’s because of the price range, but I’m very satisfied with the box.
Just looking at the ingredients in the box, I can tell what kind of dog food they are.

Canisource Grand Cru dog dried food review

It is a dog food that is officially imported and distributed in Korea.
Looking at the sales price of 2kg Canisource Grand Cru dog dried food abroad, it seems to be around $45.
If it selled a lot in the future, I think the price close to 70,000 KRW will go down a little bit.

When I opened the box that I liked

The dog food overseas seems stingy with the zipper pack-style packaging.
It’s in a plastic bag like this big sack.
Finally, it’s divided into zipper packs.

Canisource Grand Cru dog dried food review

It’s the type of feed that I thought of.
It’s dried up.
If you dry the food for a long time at low temperatures rather than in a short period of time, you can see this form.

Canisource Grand Cru dog dried food review

The shape is not a good shape or size for dogs to eat.

Canisource Grand Cru dog dried food review

the best grade for dog dried food

Canisource Grand Cru, looks like dog food of good grade just by looking at its shape.
Maybe it’s because I’ve seen too many kinds of feed. ^^

First of all, I think it will be the highest grade for now.
Cold drying for nutrient conservation, human grade, feed ingredients seem to be flawless.
Of course, we also have a price that matches this class.

As expected, poor palatability

A palatability may vary from dog to dog, but it also shows poor phalatability.
To be honest with you, the palatability is really bad.
Just as humans hate healthy food, Chamggae hates this Canisource Grand Cru.
There’s no grease at all, and it doesn’t smell special or too much.
Chamggae needs to be cautious and cheer for her to eat.
For your information, I think we should consider the part where Chamggae eats frozen food for dinner.

Chamggae drinks a lot of water

If I look around at the canisos Grand Crew feed, it looks really dry.
Chamggae drinks a lot of water when she eats this feed.
she eat a few lumps, drink some water, and drink some water.
It’s also a disadvantage of dry feed, but it seems necessary to check the amount of water that dogs drink.

Unsuitable size

It’s a bit big for a small dog to eat in one bite.
Chamggae also eats half of it after breaking it with her molar teeth. Then, eat half of the spit out.
Although Chamggae is a small dog, she is a dachshund dog breed, so the bite is not bad and spits out when it is in her mouth, so it seems quite uncomfortable.

Amount of dog poop is decreasing.

Every time I give a good grade of feed, I feel that the amount of dog poop decreases even though it is a dried feed.
I think it shows that byproduct inclusion is low and absorption is good.
At times like this, I feel happy with my empty wallet.

Canisource Grand Cru dog dried food is

As mentioned above, this is a good grade of dog food.
I think it can’t be helped that the palatability is bad.
I don’t like unsuitable size, but I think I can use the brittle properties that are characteristic of the cold, dry feed.

If Chamggae insists on not eating much, I will break Canisource Grand Cru feed into the frozen food I give for dinner and mix it with it.