Movie News of the World Review

I checked and watched Tom Hanks‘ new movie, News of the World, one of my personal favorite American actors, registered on Netflix.
Again, I started the movie without any prior information about News of the World.
As Netflix is easy to watch, I don’t study movies more and more.

News of the World is

In short, it is a road movie featuring veterans and children.
Tom Hanks, as well as a retired soldier, played the role.
And the child was played by a rookie I’ve never seen before.
But the actress who played the role of this child, at first, made me think that it was not a good look for the background of the movie, but she gradually catches my eye.

News of the World

The basic story of News of the World is very simple.
The story is about a retired soldier meeting an orphaned child and taking her to her family.
The development is also calm.
The ending is also fully predictable.

Nevertheless, I watched the movie News of the World without feeling bored.
I think we can still trust and watch Tom Hanks’s movie.
And I’m looking forward to the future performance of German actress Helena Zengel.

After a long time, I watched a movie calmly while enjoying the scenery and western scenery of the United States.
I think the two actors were good at drawing the whole movie.