Spring is coming to South Korea

I think spring is coming to Korea.
The daytime temperature in Seoul exceeded 17 degrees today.

I think Chamggae is the first thing to notice that the seasons change like this.
Chamgge, who hated going out in the cold winter, expressed his intention to go out during the day today.
Fortunately, the fine dust level was not high today, so I headed to the park with Chamggae.

The problem in Korea is that the fine dust level is high when it goes from winter to spring. There are many gloomy days as fine dust from China and fine dust generated in Korea combine.

Spring is coming to South Korea.

As expected, there are many people on the way to the park.
Everyone seems to have come out of the house due to the warm temperature.
There are many people walking, running, and biking on the trails and bike paths next to the river.

Spring is coming to South Korea.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen so many cars in the parking lot of a large supermarket.
As the corona virus spread again in Korea, there were restrictions on people’s activities. But there are still 400-500 confirmed corona cases reported in Korea a day.

Spring is coming to South Korea.

I can see many people far away from the entrance of the park.
I entered the park with Chamggae.
I left the park right away because of too many people. Fortunately, there were fewer people on the road.
I walked around feeling the warm temperature with Chamggae.

The trend of Corona spread in Korea has not improved yet.
Due to this high temperature, I am worried that the spread of Corona will get worse as people start their activities.
It is already said that the southern part of Korea has begun to bloom.
The cherry blossom tour will begin soon.