The review of the Netflix film “Sentinelle” – Olga Kurilenko

I saw the newly registered movie Sentinelle on Netflix.
I registered this movie for notification because Olga Kurilenko was the main actor.

I’m disappointed to say how I felt after watching the movie, Sentinelle.
To be exact, it is a disappointment to actress Olga Kurilenko.

While watching this movie, Sentinelle, I had some questions.

First of all, why the title of the movie is Sentinelle.
I know it’s Sentinelle who deployed a soldier who actually loaded ammunition in the center of France, but why is Sentinelle suitable for the story of this movie?
I know that the main character is a soldier and belongs to Sentinelle, but the content is not related to Sentinelle.

Secondly, why did Olga Kurilenko participate in this movie?
The movie “Sentinelle” has Olga Kurilenko pulling everything.
Of course, Olga Kurilenko’s acting is not awkward or awkward, but I wonder why she participated in this movie when she saw the scenario.

Finally, the reason why we talked about trauma in the early stages of war veterans is something.
I don’t know if these aftereffects are justifying the subsequent revenge war.
I don’t know why this moive spent a long time about trauma.

The movie “Sentinelle” is a movie that threw a lot of disappointment.
The reason is that the story is really irrelevant.
The action scene itself, which appears in the middle, is quite realistic.
I especially like the action scene where she fight with nurses.
The action scenes of the two women fighting with all their might at the risk of their own lives were okay.

There is no other reason to recommend this movie.
It would have been enough to proceed with the story of a former soldier taking personal revenge.
Personally, Olga Kurilenko is a favorite actor, but from now on, even if Olga Kurilenko appears, I’ll have to think about watching it.

Movies made on Netflix sometimes give me such a big disappointment, and I think it’s time to get out of it.