Domino Korea Black Tiger Shrimp Pizza

I ordered Domino’s Black Tiger Shrimp Pizza L size.
Black Tiger Shrimp Pizza was released on June 8, 2018 by Domino Korea.

Domino Korea Black Tiger Shrimp Pizza

The taste of sea and land!
It has surf and turf concept with black tiger shrimp and Real Bulgogi as main topping.

Topping : black tiger shrimp, Real Bulgogi, romano cream cheese, mozzarella, parmesan Cheese, Onion

From Domino Korea

Black Tiger Shrimp Pizza Review

First of all, except for sauces, cheese, and dough, the combination of black Tiger shrimp, potatoes, and pineapple tastes good.
The shrimp is quite firm, the texture of the potatoes is good, the pineapple is alive, and the combination of these three was good.
And the taste of green bell peppers that I chewed once in a while was good.
But bulgogi was sometimes tough and strong in seasoning.

But when I looked closely at the black Tiger shrimp pizza, there was exactly one black Tiger shrimp, potato, and pineapple per slice.
These three taste the best when they are in the mouth, and in the case of size L, shrimp, potatoes, and pineapple per piece will occupy less than size M.
I think the M-sized Black Tiger Shrimp Pizza will be on top of each slice, but for the taste, it would be better to order M-sized Black Tiger Shrimp Pizza.

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