Alta Gamma Cabernet Sauvignon wine review, 4900 won

This is Alta Gamma Cabernet Sauvignon wine that I brought because it was on sale for 4,900 won (about $ 4.25) at GS the fresh (Gs the fresh is  is one of South Korea’s corporate supermarkets).

Alta Gamma Cabernet Sauvignon Wine seems to be sold for 4,900 won or 10,000 won per bottle at GS the fresh .

GS the fresh bought this wine with high expectations as it was chosen for the 5,000 won wine price competition in Korea.

Alta Gamma Cabernet Sauvignon wine review

Alta Gamma Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Review

Well, Alta Gamma Cabernet Sauvignon, I think we’ll need some time to open this wine.
After opening for the first time, the alcohol scent is too strong.
As it gradually decreases, I can feel the taste of Alta Gamma Cabernet Sauvignon, but the alcohol I feel before that is too strong.

Alta Gamma Cabernet Sauvignon is a bit of an unexpected taste after some alcohol flavor has disappeared.
I think some people like it or dislike it.
The body feels weak, but there are many scents.
The pairing recommendation on the back of the bottle label is marked as meat with red meat and strong sauce, but it won’t be easy.
It’s probably more likely that you’re looking for a heavier body of wine.

It is recommended that you take time to drink Alta Gamma Cabernet Sauvignon wine after its opening.
It would be good to drink with bread or cheese.

I left it closed with a cap after drinking about half of it, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it will taste after 24 hours.