Bring a used iPhone SE 1

I’m bringing an iPhone SE 1 that my acquaintance doesn’t use.
The battery is almost out of battery life with the pink color and the iPhone SE 1 with 64GB of storage space.
I’m going to use it for work, so I’ll just use it without changing the battery.

Bring a used iPhone SE1

I compared iPhone 5S and iPhone SE 1.
The iPhone 5s is the smartphone that I used the longest.
Looking at the front, it will not be easy to distinguish iPhone 5S from iPhone SE 1.

Bring a used iPhone SE1

I can’t find the difference except for the printed letters on the back that you can hardly see when you put the case on.

Bring a used iPhone SE1

The sides are also the same for iPhone 5S and iPhone SE 1.

iPhone SE 1 Brief Review

4-inch screen size iPhone SE 1
The screen is so small that I don’t know how I used the iPhone 5S in the past.
It definitely has a good grip, but it’s hard to see the size of a 4-inch screen now.

I think the iPhone SE 1’s performance is not bad yet.
The iPhone 5S is not easy to use because it’s really tight now, but the iPhone SE 1 is still available for active duty.
However, I think we should take into account that it’s for business purposes, so it’s short to use and there aren’t many apps installed.

The weaknesses shown in iPhone 5S were followed by iPhone SE 1.
First of all, the urine liquid that looks yellow on the rim is still visible on the iPhone SE 1.
The phenomenon of not being able to touch the upper right corner also appears on iPhone SE 1.
But the recognition rate and speed of touch ID is much better than iPhone 5S.

Although the disadvantages shown in the 4-inch iPhone are still shown in the iPhone SE 1, it is supported by iOS 15 and is still a good performance for basic smartphones such as phone calls and SNS.
In the case of the iPhone SE 1, parts that can be replaced by myself are also sold for 10,000 won, so users who like the 4-inch grip can continue to use it.

I am thinking of installing IOS 15 beta version of iPhone SE without any burden.