Movie Home Team With No Reason Not to Recommend

I’m posting a review of the movie home team released on Netflix.
On the same day, the Korean zombie drama All of Us Are Dead, which is receiving so much attention, was released that it received little attention.
I think this home team is the movie that has no reason not to recommend.

Movie Home Team With No Reason Not to Recommend

The Home Team is a film produced by Happy Madison, the production company of American comic actor Adam Sandler, who can tell what kind of movie it is just by its name.
Kevin James, who can tell that the main actor is also a comic movie just by looking at his face, also participated in the production.
In other words, it can be seen that the movie home team was produced by the American Comic Division.

However, the actor on the right side of the picture above looks quite familiar, but I couldn’t think of it at once, so I looked at it and it was Taylor Lautner, who appeared as a werewolf in the Twilight Series.
The image of a handsome boy and a young man now feels like an old man.

Movie Home Team With No Reason Not to Recommend

The movie home team is a sports movie featuring children.
It is a family comedy sports movie that combines children’s family movies with sports movies and comic movies.

It has an American comedy style, but there is no story beyond the line because children have to watch it, and since sports and children are combined, it shows the growth of children and the growing team in terms of game.
I don’t think it’s a movie that’s flawless.

These sports movies are usually based on true stories, so it’s fun even though the ending is expected to be to some extent every time you watch them.
As the actors’ comic acting continues to come out here and there, it’s not boring even during the period of dealing with the pain of growth.

Movie Home Team With No Reason Not to Recommend

The movie home team was based on a true story.
It’s about Sean Peyton, head coach of New Orleans St, who was in his best heyday as a coach who won the Super Bowl in 2010.
He visits Texas, where his son is, after being suspended for a year for unsavory things that happened in 2012.
Home team tells the story of the coach of the school football team Warriors, where his son plays here.
Director Sean Peyton, who has been running only for victory, tells the story of children growing up and Sean Peyton growing up with his son.

Review of the movie team.

I think the movie home team has no reason not to recommend it.
That doesn’t mean it’s super fun and thrilling, but it’s enough for the whole family to watch together.

In particular, you can be with children as a whole viewer, and in the case of Netflix in Korea, there is also a Korean dubbing.
The characteristics of sports movies, along with the growth of children, warmth, and comic elements…
It would be nice for families to sit together comfortably.