A review of the COVID-19 test at a Korean public health center.

I would like to tell you about the COVID-19 test at the public health center because of the sudden cold that came to my body.
Eventually, I was tested negative, but this incident occurred because Omicron symptoms were like colds.

It happened because I was annoyed by staying at a cafe for a short time a few days ago due to work.
I called the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and asked if there were some symptoms at the cafe, and they told me to get a COVID-19 PCR test.

The cost of the COVID-19 test in Korea

So I start looking around to see what the cost of the COVID-19 test is.
Some said they received it for free, and some thought it was free, so they got tested for COVID-19, but they paid 97,000 won, nearly 100,000 won.
Someone else said they paid less than 30,000 won.
It’s free on weekdays, but you get paid on weekends.

Eventually, I inquired directly at the public health center.
First of all, I learned that the cost of COVID-19 testing at the public health center is free.
The medical center where the COVID-19 test is conducted appears to vary depending on the medical center or the stage of distancing.

COVID-19 test at the public health center.

I dressed thickly because I thought I would wait outside before visiting the public health center, but it was really cold that day.
I parked and got out of the car and returned to the car as soon as I took a picture of the QR code on the questionnaire on the way to the screening clinic with my smartphone. It’s coldā€¦

I finished filling out the questionnaire with my smartphone in the car and entered the screening clinic.
The arrival time was disinfection time inside the screening clinic, so I waited for more than 10 minutes.
There were two people waiting in front of me because it was not in the metropolitan area, but when I waited for the disinfection to be completed, the waiting line quickly increased to the point where the line behind me led out of the tent.

I took my ID card just in case, but I didn’t show it or anything.
Should I say the first name and date of birth and call it a sample? Anyway, I went into the collection site and for the first time, a cotton swab went deep into my nose. It came out.

It was kind of bad because there was a lot of feeling left in my nose and mouth.
It seemed like you were having a hard time in this cold weather.
There are hot air balloons in the tent, but it’s pretty cold.
If Omicron spreads in earnest, it will flood in like water, so I think it will suffer a lot.

Except for waiting for early disinfection, I was tested for COVID-19 quite quickly.
For your information, the health center does not conduct COVID-19 tests for overseas departure.

Notification time of COVID-19 test results.

A review of the COVID-19 test at a Korean public health center.

As a result of the COVID-19 test that arrived at 6 a.m., I thought it would usually text after 9 a.m., but I got a text message quite early.
The wife I received with also sent me a text message after 6 o’clock.

Fortunately, both of them came out negative.

The results of the COVID-19 test are expected to be released on the same day.
Text messages seem to be sent from 6 a.m.
There are people who need to use the results of the COVID-19 test that came in this text message for work, so it seems to start sending it early.

Review of the COVID-19 test at the public health center.

Eventually, I was tested for COVID-19 at a public health center just in case due to simple cold symptoms.
Since the symptoms of the Omicron virus infection are the same as those of a cold, I think many people will be tested for COVID-19 if Omicron becomes the dominant species, but today’s article shows that more than 7,000 people will not be able to easily get tested for COVID-19.

Still, I get a free COVID-19 test and the test results come quite quickly, and Korea is good about this.
According to the stories of acquaintances abroad, there are many cases where they are anxious because the cost of the COVID-19 test and the test results are delayed.

I hope the spread of Omicron mutations will pass as soon as possible.
I think COVID-19 is coming to an end.