More than 1000 COVID-19 cases in South Korea.

On December 13th, more than 1,000 COVID-19 cases occurred in South Korea each day.
The news and media raged that there were over 1,000 corona cases.

But personally, I think it was foreseen.
At the end of November, as I saw a large number of people eating in a large restaurant near my house, I thought that the number of COVID-19 cases would increase considerably in the future.
In Korea, year-end meetings start in November, and it can be said that the year-end meetings of various small groups have already begun.

In the meantime, Korea has been evaluated for coping well with the Corona 19 virus.
However, if you can’t cope well from now on, all the evaluations in the past are likely to disappear.

More than 1000 COVID-19 cases in South Korea.
Source : YTN News

78% of corona confirmed cases have been reported in Seoul, the capital of Korea, and Gyeonggi-do, a region around Seoul.
As it is an area with close population, it is unlikely that the corona spread will easily subside this time.

My prediction is that a daily COVID-19 approaching 2,000 people will not be reported soon.
Since South Korea has a well-developed delivery system, it is not necessary to purchase daily necessities at a large mart, but I think we should prepare in advance.

As the number of thousand people is a big number for Koreans, people are likely to limit their movements as in March.
It is thought that the daily corona cases will decrease at the end of December.