Fine dust has returned to South Korea.

In 2020, the Corona 19 virus is having a hard time all over the world, but there was only one good thing in South Korea.

It is that the quality of the Korean atmosphere has improved.
I could see the blue sky almost so hard to find the day when fine dust level was high.

But on October 19, fine dust came back to South Korea.

As the weather got colder, especially fine dust from China continued to cause bad days, but it seems to have resumed as China began to be less affected by the Corona 19 virus.

In particular, if fine dust from China continues to flow into Korea while Korea’s atmosphere is stagnant, the level of fine dust in Korea will soar to an enormous extent.

Fine dust has returned to South Korea.

If you look at the image above, you can see that all the lights are having an diffused reflection.
My vision is pretty bad, and I feel like I’m having a hard time breathing.

I urgently checked the air purifier filters in the house today.
Usually, at the end of summer, I bought new air purifier filters and exchanged them, but I think I need to exchange them now.

This winter, the discomfort caused by the Corona 19 virus and the discomfort caused by fine dust are expected to be shared.

South Korea’s atmosphere by moving east into the sea as soon as I hope.