Wavve’s new American drama, Blood & Treasure

I started watching a new American drama on Wavve because it caught my eye.
I didn’t even see the name of the drama. I just turned it on, but later I saw that it was Blood & Treasure. ^^

Wavve's new American drama, Blood & Treasure

I’ve trusted the iPhone 11 to shoot in night mode, but I don’t think it’s filming TV at night.
That’s terrible.

​I’ve seen the Blood & Treasure until episode three.
This drama just faithfully shows the typical American drama series.

The proper action scenes, funny and childish, and the main character’s relaxed attitude.
I think it’s a perfect medium for light and thoughtless viewing.

It has been uploaded on Wavve to season 1, and Season 2 was scheduled to air in May this year, but it will continue to be postponed due to the spread of corona, which will probably be aired in 2021.

The action of the main female character is good, and the main male character seems to be assisting… Supporting actors with comical characters.
I think killing time would be good.

Wavve is also constantly posting foreign dramas, so I’ll have to take a look at them.

Wavve is a one of Korean OTT Platform.