Dry eye and corneal wound due to mask application

I went to the university hospital for my mother’s regular checkup.
It was a hectic day because there were 3 departments booked a day.

But I heard a shocking story from the ophthalmologist.
There’s a slight scar on the cornea.
The reason is that I have to wear a mask because of the Corona 19 virus.​

Breathing in a mask will cause high-temperature winds to rise above the mask.
Since the mask doesn’t stick 100 percent, the warm breathing will come up on the mask.
This warm wind is coming up to the eyes.
It’s like turning on an electric fan and opening your eyes right in front of it.

Therefore, dry eyes and dry eyes create fine scratches on cornea.
The symptoms you feel are a little bit cold, but it’s not good to keep leaving them alone.

Eventually, a considerable amount of artificial tears and three ointments were prescribed on this day.

It is said that this phenomenon occurs a lot especially in the elderly people.
I heard my mother thought her eyes were a little sore.

If the elderly around you have symptoms of cold eyes, at least artificial tears should be used from time to time.
She didn’t go out often, so she got this prescription even though she didn’t spend much time wearing a mask.

I want you to be careful.