K Movie Hard hit Review, Jo Woo-jin

Movie Title : Hard hit

Release date : 23 Jun 2021 (Korea)
Director: Kim Chang-ju
Cast : Jo Woo-jin, Ji Chang-wook, Lee Jae-in
Running time : 94 min

Actor Cho Woo-jin

Actor Cho Woo-jin’s first leading film in 22 years since his debut is Hard hit.
Hard hit is a movie where you can check out actor Cho Woo-jin’s great acting.
Actor Cho Woo-jin leads this movie from beginning to end.
In a word, it’s a movie by Cho Woo-jin.

K Movie Hard hit Review

Filmed in Busan

The movie runs in a limited space of the car.
Because of this, you can see the chase in downtown Busan and Haeundae, a tourist attraction in Busan.
You can also see Hyundai Motor’s Genesis GV80 throughout the movie.

K Movie Hard hit Review

Simple story

I will skip the story, but Hard hit’s story is simple.
You can expect the ending.
But I was able to enjoy the movie until the end.
I think that’s why the story is so fast.

K Movie Hard hit Review

Movie Hard hit is

I don’t think it’s going to be a big hit.
But that doesn’t mean it won’t be a big hit.
Actors’ acting and fast story development have the power to let the audience watch the movie until the end.
I think it will be released overseas soon, so please meet Hard hit.
Or OTT will distribute it like a Netflix.