Korea Papa john’s Super Papa’s Pizza

here are many Fried chicken and pizza restaurants in South Korea. In particular, these restaurants focus on delivery rather than store sales.

As the quick delivery service of delivery apps has become common since a few years ago, all foods such as Korean, Japanese, and Asian foods are being delivered in addition to fried chicken and pizza, but in Korea, you can still talk about fried chicken and pizza.

Korean pizza

Korean pizza already has its own color.
Numerous kinds of pizza toppings and various kinds of pizza dough have already been localized.
I often read that foreigners who came to Korea came to like Korean pizza after eating it.

You can see the story of Korean pizza by referring to the link below.

Super Papa’s of Papa john’s

I have a real headache ordering pizza.
There are too many brands and even small companies, of course, there are authentic-style pizza restaurants.
Every time I thought about it, I finally started ordering only Papa John’s Super Papa’s pizza.
The reason is that if you get a discount on the most plain pizza flavor, it is cheaper than the size.

Korea Papa john's Super Papa's Pizza

Super Papa’s P size, the normal price is 37,500 won.
It is divided into 10 pieces in the largest size among the pizza sizes sold by Papa John’s.
If you get a 30 percent discount, it will be 26,250 won, which is cheaper.

Pizza dough is also the original dough that has not been added, and orders only pizza without adding side dishes and drinks.

Salad or drink is bought at a convenience store close to home, usually served with 2-3 pieces of beer or wine, and leftovers are eaten next time.

Papa John’s Super Papa’s pizza is not the most delicious pizza, but it can be said to provide a good taste for a pizza with good cost-effectiveness.