Korean singer Ali will return on December 3.

Korean female singer Ali is called Queen of Singing Ability because of her good singing ability.
Personally, I really like Ali’s song 365 days.

On November 25, a teaser video was registered on singer Ali’s official YouTube channel.
The phrase in the teaser video is “For Lovers Who Hesitate”.
I predict that it may be the title of the song.

The title of Ali’s newly released album is 청춘기(Chung-Choon-Gi), and if you interpret the meaning, you can understand it as ‘adolescence, one’s adolescent period’.

As singer Ali’s new album is released in a year, I should appreciate it on December 3rd, when the album is released.

After the release of the new song, he is expected to appear on many TV shows, and I look forward to receiving positive responses.