Netflix Hellbound review that’s never light.

I’m posting a review of Hellbound that opened on Netflix on November 19th.
What I thought of after watching the trailer was simple.
I thought it was a highly entertaining drama as it was a science fiction drama where unknown monsters appeared on that day and ended their lives.

These expectations disappeared as they watched Hellbound.
Exactly, this prediction didn’t go well with Hellbound at all.
I expected it to be a story that tells me the date of a person’s death and reveals the identity of a monster(like a inferrino) that suddenly appears on that date, but I think I thought of Hellbound too lightly.

Netflix Hellbound review that's never light.

When I watched the second episode of Hellbound, my personal expectations were right.
There were also detectives who could solve this monster from hell and lawyers, but this prediction collapsed thoroughly in episode 3.
In particular, the detective was not suspicious because actor Yang Ik-june, who leaves a strong impression, and the lawyer was actor Kim Hyun-joo.

Netflix Hellbound review that's never light.

As I entered the third episode of Hellbound, I felt thoroughly that Hellbound was not light.
From this time on, I feel that Hellbound is not a highly entertaining drama like squid games, but a content that makes us think about the society we live in.
And I think it will be difficult to get popularity such as squid games, My Name, and D.P.

Netflix Hellbound review that's never light.

I don’t think I’ve even seen this poster of Hellbound properly.
I think I focused too much on actor Yoo Ah-in, who looks big on the front.
Of course, actor Yoo Ah-in plays a big role in Hellbound.

Hellbound is divided into episodes 1 to 3 and episodes 4 to 6.
I think it would be enough to be divided into Season 1 and Season 2, and the actors who appear are different.
Of course, there are actors who continue to appear in episodes 1 to 6, but I will skip it.

Netflix Hellbound review that's never light.

I think Kim Shin-rok, who plays Park Jung-ja, is the actress who makes the strongest impression in Netflix’s Hellbound as a whole.
If actress Kim Shin-rok talks about her role, I have to skip it because I have to give a spoiler about Hellbound, but if I briefly talk about it, I would like to say that she is responsible for the role and ending of the Hellbound in full bloom.
From the emotional acting of actor Kim Shin-rok, I think it was such a good acting.

Netflix Hellbound Review

I expected it to be an entertaining drama that can be enjoyed with SF elements, but it deals with a very heavy story, and I wonder if such a drama could have been produced without Netflix.
In particular, it starts after the middle of the third episode and goes beyond expectations from the fourth episode, and the end, which is the peak of Hellbound, leads to something really hard to think about.

The story is quite dense and there seems to be no stretch to the point where there is nothing to throw away.
As such, it seems to be faithful to the original work, and the original work also seems to have a tight composition.
It also ended with season 2 in mind, but now I don’t even expect what the story of season 2 will be like.

I don’t know how Netflix Hellbound will be evaluated.
Personally, I didn’t feel that it was actually fun, but I don’t think it was a wrong work.
And I’m still thinking whether actor Yoo Ah-in‘s choice of the role in the drama was the right choice.
I’m looking forward to the Hellbound where the reversal continues, which goes against expectations.

I think it could have been possible to release season 1 from episode 1 to episode 3 and season 2 from episode 4 to episode 6.