Lotteria Double X2 Burger review – Similar to Big Mac

Let me post a review of Lotteria Double X2 burger set ordered through the delivery app.
It’s been a while since I had Lotteria’s burger.

Usually, I ate burgers from McDonald’s or Burger King, but when I looked at the Lotteria Burger menu for the first time in a while, I could see burgers that I haven’t seen.
After a long time of consideration, I chose it because Double X2 Burger contained two patties and two cheese.

Lotteria Double X2 Burger review - Similar to Big Mac

The visual of the double X2 burger I saw after taking off the wrapper was okay.
Especially, I like the fact that it contains quite a lot of lettuce.

The size of the bun is the size of a regular burger.
I thought the burger would be a little big because the price of the double X2 burger set was 7,800 won and it was close to 8,000 won, but it’s not.
I’m a bit disappointed in the size.

Lotteria Double X2 Burger review - Similar to Big Mac

It didn’t come out well in the picture, but there are two beef patties and a total of two pieces of cheese on top of the patties.
And there are pickles and sauce.

Lotteria Double X2 Burger review

First of all, it is advertised as Australian beef patty, which is better than McDonald’s Big Mac patty.
But it’s so cooked that it’s dry.
It’s a patty that feels like all the juice is gone.

Cheese tastes better than Big Mac’s cheese.

The reason why I keep talking about Big Mac is that it tastes quite similar.
If there’s another bread in the middle of the double X2 burger, I think you can call it Big Mac.
The sauce is slightly different, but the feeling is similar.

I have a habit of hangover with Big Mac the day after drinking too much, and I think a double X2 burger would be okay.
The double X2 burger set is 6,700 won for lunch, which is higher than the price in the early 5,000 won range of Big Mac.

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