Netflix Move The Swarm Review

I saw the movie The Swarm distributed on Netflix.
First of all, it’s a French movie.
What I realized after seeing how I became a superhero recently registered on Netflix is that let’s not hope for a big scale.
The scale is not big, but I think we should find the fun of the movie in a small way.

Netflix Move The Swarm Review

Just by looking at the preview of Netflix, I can predict The Swarm’s story.
You can expect locusts to come out in groups, and these locusts cause problems.
If you want a story about a big locust problem and the main characters solving it, movie The Swarm is not recommended.

If we focus on why locusts got into trouble, the movie The Swarm would be fine.
Otherwise, I think there will be a lot of bad reviews.

I don’t know much about French actors, but the main actors are confirmed to be doing a lot of activities in France.
As you can easily access movies from various countries through Netflix, I think it is necessary to understand the characteristics of different movies in different countries.

Netflix Move The Swarm Review

As there are some close-up shots of locusts, it may seem disgusting, but I think these locusts are the means of what this movie wants to talk about.

I think it’s just a family story, a story about their frustrating lives.
Should I say it’s the story of the head of the family and mother who wanted to find a breakthrough?

Netflix The Swarm