Review of the Netflix movie “BECKETT”

The movie “Beckett” registered on Netflix on August 13th August.
I decided to watch Denzel Washington’s son, John David Washington, as the main character.
John David Washington has already shown us his face once through the movie Tenet.

Netflix Movie Beckett Review

The movie “Beckett” begins when a sweet lover who travels to Greece gets into a car accident due to a man’s mistake.

The main character(Beckett) who is threatened with death without knowing the reason, and the main character who runs away with all his might to escape it, will continue to hold the audience’s attention.
It is a movie that is set on the premise of ordinary people, so it is not a cool action but rather a sympathetic action.
It’s a movie led by John David Washington’s acting skills.

Netflix Movie Beckett Review

The tension continues to be tense until the reason for being chased and whether the girlfriend who was in the car is alive or not, but after that, I feel a little flat.

From this point on, the movie’s setting is a little annoying because the emotions that are slightly identified with the main character have become distant, but it has the power to make you watch it until the end.

The movie “Beckett” is likely to be divided into likes and dislikes based on personal preferences, but I think it’s a good performance by John David Washington.
It’s also a movie that gives you a glimpse of the Greek landscape.

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