Sirius Will Pungmi-Morak dry dog food review

I got this dog food because I asked the owner of Dubu, a friend of Chamggae, for a favor because I ran out of it.

It’s a dog food called Sirius Will’s Pungmi-Morak, a pet dog brand of LG Household & Health Care.
The meaning of Pungmi-Morak is the flavor is all over the place.

Packaging and appearance of Pungmi-Morak dog food

Packaging and appearance of Pungmi Morak dog food

I don’t know anything else, but it looks like you’ve got a really good dog food name.
This feed is applied with the concept of maximizing the smell of feed using a microwave oven.

Sirius Will Pungmi-Morak dry dog food review

I think the biggest characteristic of this feed is that it is packed separately.

Sirius Will Pungmi-Morak dry dog food review

Here, vacuum-packing like thisā€¦ There is a price increase due to packing cost.

Sirius Will Pungmi-Morak dry dog food review

This is after 10 seconds in the microwave.
I can’t tell you the smell through pictures, but it smells a lot.

The strong point of Pungmi-Morak

Individual Packaging and Vacuum Packaging

If you keep feeding them at home, this individual packaging will be a disadvantage of driving up prices, but if you have to move, it will be a great advantage.
If you go camping with your dog, it will be a great source of food.
No bugs will gather around the feed, and no cats will come near the campsite at dawn.
If there is no microwave, it will not be a big problem because you can heat it with cut water.

A rich smell

Using microwave ovens to smell is actually a way for dog owners who don’t eat feed very well.
It’s not a special method, but I think it’s an advantage to commercialize this method and sell it.

The Week Point of Pungmi-Morak

Pungmi-Morak dog food seems to be low in grade.
First of all, it’s much greasy compared to the feed that we feed Chamggae these days.
The manufacturer may need to raise the feed rating to at least the extent that it can be labeled ‘human-grade’.
It may be an advantage that LG Household & Health Care is selling it, but this is not enough.

The bottom line is, not enough.

Dog owners with picky dogs probably already know. That’s how the microwave doesn’t last long to give you food by smelling it.
When dogs first microwave it, they eat it because it smells a lot, but when they give it a few times like this, dogs doesn’t eat it either.

And it should be human-grade as mentioned above.
Of course, when it becomes human-grade, puppies will lose their palatability.
If Pungmi-Morak is released as Human Grades because it targets the dog’s symbolism and advertises it, it will conflict with what Pungmi-Morak puts forward, but it will have to be at least human-grade.

If I live in the countryside, not in the city, and walk with Chamggae to work for about two hours, I will give it to Chamggae regardless of whether it’s human-grade feed or greasy feed.

But most dogs live in the city.
Human Grade, of course, will be important to feed dogs with better raw materials, but feed such as pungent vermilion will be directly linked to weight gain for dogs in urban areas where daily exercise has been reduced.