What is Dalgona in Squid Game?

I would like to explain the Dalgona that would have impressed you if you watched Netflix’s squid game.

The place that sold Dalgona.

Dalgona is a junk food.
It can be said that it is a tactic of adults who sold it to elementary school children.
In other words, dalgona can be said to be a story of a bad time.

In the 1980s, in front of elementary schools in Korea, there were adults selling to children.
Some sold Dalgona and even some sold chicks.
It was a time when Korea did not live well.

These merchants can be said to have sold illegally because they did not have stores. However, there were no sanctions against this at this time.

What is Dalgona?

The man sitting with a large umbrella open on the street across from elementary school was burning briquettes.
He was making Dalgona on a ladle, and when the children came, he stamped a figure on the Dalgona he made.
The reason for the figure was very simple.
If the Dalgona was removed as it was in the figure, a Dalgona was given for free.

The children worked hard to get another Dalgona.
And tools were not provided like squid game.
The young children crouched down on the street and tore it off little by little with great care.

If you didn’t want to rip off the shapes of Dalgona, you could buy Dalgona without shapes.

Memories of Dalgona.

When I was young, I bought and ate Dalgona about 2-3 times.
Above all, my mother hated Dalgona so much.
There were no parents who liked Dalgona, which is full of sugar.

On the day my mother found out that I had bought Dalgona, corporal punishment followed.

Disappeared Dalgona.

In 1988, the Olympics were held in Korea.
Before the Olympics, Korea began sanctions against street vendors.
In other words, restrictions on selling on the streets began, making it difficult to see people selling Dalgona on the streets from then on.

And as Korea began to develop, we easily encountered sweet things such as Dalgona.
In other words, chocolate, which used to be eaten once or twice a year, has become more frequent, and it can be said that the popularity of junk foods such as Dalgona has disappeared.

The name of the Dalgona.

I don’t know why it’s called Dalgona now.
When I was young, I called it Bbopgi (meaning is choose or select), not Dalgona.
A friend who transferred from another region said, “Tigi (meaning is tear off or rip off).”
I think the names were different depending on the region.

Then, in the 2010s, products related to memories began to gain popularity.
Retro style began to gain popularity, when Dalgona began to appear again.
And since then, the name seems to have been unified into Dalgona.
In other words, people who have not encountered Dalgona when they were young know it as Dalgona.

Dalgona is.

Dalgona is a depressing food heated with additives in sugar.
The reason for expressing depression is that it is a junk food that represents poor times.
It seems ironic that such Dalgona is now becoming a characteristic food of Korea and is gaining popularity worldwide.