3 reasons to look forward to All of Us Are Dead.

All of Us Are Dead will be released on Netflix on January 28, is already receiving a lot of attention.
Expectations are high whether All of Us Are Dead, the third Korean creature drama to be released through Netflix, will succeed Kingdom and Sweet Home.

Zombies come out again? Although there are some reactions in Korea, I would like to talk about three reasons why I am looking forward to All of Us Are Dead.

All of Us Are Dead’s Director Lee Jae-Gyu and writer Chun Sung-il.

Director Lee Jae-gyu is a director who is active in dramas and movies.
He is a director who established a solid position in the drama Damo in 2003.
The movie received good reviews with its box office success for its Intimate Strangers (2018).
In particular, the drama Damo is still recognized as a memorable drama by people.

Writer Chun Sung-il is also working as a writer in dramas and movies.
The Slave Hunters is the representative work of the drama, and the movie has Pirates.
The Slave Hunters is a drama in 2010, but it is also recognized so far.
Pirate 2 is scheduled to be released in January 2022.

Since All of Us Are Dead director Lee Jae-kyu and writer Chun Sung-il are already recognized directors and writers in Korea, there will be no major problems with All of Us Are Dead’s directing and story.

All of Us Are Dead.

It is based on All of Us Are Dead of the same name, which has been serialized in Naver Webtoon since May 2009.
It was serialized every Wednesday, and it is a popular webtoon that ranks first in real-time search rankings every week during serialization.

All of Us Are Dead webtoons have been serialized for more than two years and are evaluated as meaningful and high-quality zombies.

3 reasons why I'm looking forward to All of Us Are Dead.
All of Us Are Dead Credit: Netflix

Hiring a lot of new actors.

The freshest thing about All of Us Are Dead is that there are new actors who are hard to recognize.
Usually, Korean dramas registered on Netflix feature one or two famous Korean actors, but All of Us Are Dead cannot find famous actors.

In other words, Korean star actors did not participate.

The actoress who is familiar with her face is Lee Yoo-mi who starred in Squid Game.
Although squid games have gained worldwide popularity, it is hard to say that they are famous actors in Korea.

There may be a reason why director Lee Jae-kyu hired new actors, which can be seen from All of Us Are Dead.

3 reasons why I'm looking forward to All of Us Are Dead.

looking forward to All of Us Are Dead.

It is not a short composition with a total of 12 episodes.
The original webtoon was also serialized over two years, but it is said to be a story that actually corresponds to about a week.

As it is filled with young new actors, I am actually looking forward to how fast the development and action will be.
Actors ran around a lot in the drama The Slave Hunters and I think I can see the actors running like this again in All of Us Are Dead.

The first Korean drama released on Netflix in 2022.
We look forward to continuing the popularity of Korean dramas in 2021.