Netflix K-Drama Sweet Home Review

After watching the first episode on Netflix, there are only a few dramas that I watched until the last episode.
What comes to mind is the Witcher and Kingdom series, and I ran all the way to the 10th episode of Sweet Home except for the time when I went to the bathroom and ate.

Sweet Home Story

The Witcher is based on the original story, and the Kingdom series is a story about zombies in the background of the Joseon Dynasty, which we are familiar with personally, but Sweet Home’s story was very new because I rarely read webtoons.

But there is a feeling that the story is a little bit broken.
I have to see it to give a lot of performers, but it is very unfortunate that this feeling is broken.
There’s a bit of a stretch in the middle, but this stretch doesn’t really interfere with watching

Sweet Home Monsters

The power of Sweet Home is monsters.
The production cost of 3 billion won per episode, and the quality of the monsters is excellent.
Come to think of it, there were no movies or dramas that featured these monsters in Korea after the movie monster.

Even in the middle, the monster comes out once in a while to make me feel nervous.

Sweet Home’s Sadness

The background is an apartment in Korea, but I feel that the atmosphere of the apartment is not Korea.
It feels like apartments in other countries in Asia, but I don’t know if this is intended.
Maybe it’s because Director’s targeting overseas. This may be a personal disappointment.

Lee Si-young‘s proportion was high.
This story tells that Lee Jin-wook and Song Kang had a low proportion.
I think that Song Kang should have had the largest proportion and that Lee Jin-wook’s proportion was too low.
In particular, with the appearance of Lee Jin-wook, who is a human but shows superhuman strength, I expected macho performance, but it went on without much performance.

I’m looking forward to Sweet Home Season 2.

Nevertheless, Sweet Home is expected to have season 2 and will have a regular run as soon as season 2 comes out.
It doesn’t seem to be a drama produced for Korean viewers, and it has a unique characteristic.
Sweet Home Season 1 has already received a very good response on Netflix, so season 2 is expected to be produced soon.
I’m on a different path from the original webtoon story, but the original story’s contents are still left, so there will be advantages that can be produced without too much pressure.
Let’s wait for season 2 with the expectation that Song Kang and Lee Jin-wook’s performance, which was a little small in Sweet Home Season 1, will start in earnest in Season 2.

Netflix’s Sweet Home was produced in Korea, but it seems like a drama that doesn’t seem like a Korean drama, and it’s fun enough to watch it all at once.