A review of the Penguin Bloom movies

It’s not a movie made on Netflix, but it’s a movie you can only see on Netflix, Penguin Bloom.

The movie Penguin Bloom is a family movie.
What’s unusual is that this family includes magpies.

An unexpected big thing happened to the family that was in trouble, and it shows the difficulty of the family, but I don’t think it’s a movie that focuses on this part.
The development of the movie is not fast, but it does not slow down.
I think it’s a movie that flows smoothly and gives something warm later on.

The age of Naomi Watts, the main actress of the 2005 film King Kong, may have passed this long, but the acting of the families in the film seems to be beyond reproach.

How did they film a movie starring a dog?
I always think that the puppy is so good at acting.
I look at the sesame seeds next to me, and I end up shaking my head.
Is the magpie in the movie really a magpie? I kept suspecting that it might be CG.
There was even a magpie’s fighting scene.

The movie Penguin Bloom is based on a true story.
I couldn’t keep my eyes on the picture until the ending credit went up.
I learned from the pictures that it is a movie that faithfully reenacted a true story.

The movie Penguin Bloom seems to be a good movie to be calm and warm.
And later, I realized why the title of the movie was Penguin Bloom, but as I watched the movie on Netflix, I think I watched it without any prior knowledge.