A review of the Netflix movie Below Zero.

This is a review of the movie “Below Zero,” which began to be distributed on Netflix on January 29.

This is the movie that I’ve been waiting for after setting up the notification in advance.
The reason was simply waiting for the action movie that I could watch on Friday night.

But, Below Zero is not suitable to think of it as an action film.
it’s hard to say that it’s a hot crime movie, and it’s just a movie with police and prisoners.

Below Zero iss a very limited space movie.
It doesn’t seem to cost a lot of production costs, but the actors’ acting does not interfere with the movie.

I don’t know if the actors are good at acting because they don’t know Spanish at all, but I think they are good at it when they see that there is no problem.

If you watch the trailer or Netflix’s movie description, you’ll be looking forward to it.
You can see that a big deal happens to escort prisoners, and this expectation disappears immediately.

In particular, the character who seems to be the best villain shows a great appearance and makes me hit the back of my head.

I think it’s a movie that makes sense because it’s too realistic.
It may be because the story of Billow Zero is not limited to movies but also happens in Korea.
If you’re in that position, it’s a movie that doesn’t seem to have a big action or incident because it’s sympathetic enough.

I was looking forward to the action and started watching it, but the movie “Below Zero” was good.

I haven’t seen a Spanish movie in a long time.
Since it’s Netflix, I think it’s easy to watch movies from other countries.