A Gift from Bob Review

It’s a story about Bob, a cat that anyone who likes pets would know.
In 2016, I saw my A Street Cat Named Bob that turned this story into a movie in a really fun and touching way.

I saw it on Netflix.

I confirmed that the sequel, A Gift from Bob, was released in 2020 and expected it to be on Netflix soon, but it was registered on Wavve (Wavve is Korea’s representative OTT service.).
I can’t believe A Gift from Bob is registered in Wavve. I saw it with excitement and anticipation.

Later, I found out that the movie A Gift from Bob purchased streaming rights by Amazon.
That’s why it didn’t come up on Netflix.
I don’t know if Wavve bought it through Amazon, but it seems to have purchased Korean streaming rights.
Wavve. I should compliment you. ^^

A Gift from Bob Poster

A Gift from Bob

A Gift from Bob, which was created by the popularity of A Street Cat Named Bob.
It’s nice to meet cat food, but the content is kind of bad.
While A Street Cat Named Bob was very natural and sympathized with the real story, A Gift from Bob felt a lot of artificial.

Still, it’s heartwarming.
Why is a movie with a dog or a cat so heartwarming… I don’t know.
I would’ve made it for this, but I’m sure the second one will fall off.

A Gift from Bob Review

Posthumous work of the cat Bob.

If you look closely at A Gift from Bob, it has the same pattern and the same fur color, but the cat is slightly different.
When he(or she) went up on his shoulder, Bob acted him(her)self while busking, and other scenes were played by another cat.
But that doesn’t bother me.
I thought that a curt face was Bob.

James Bowen with Bob in real life, this movie will remain as a gift.

I don’t know what it’s like to leave an unexpected pet, but…
I think it’s really necessary to have a kite to meet a pet.

A Gift from Bob is not good enough for the previous film, but I still recommend it.