Kingdom : Ashin of the North Review

Jun Ji-hyun, who made a surprise appearance at the end of Kingdom Season 2, and I was waiting for Kingdom : Ashin of the North
I watched it as soon as Kingdom : Ashin of the North was registered on Netflix on July 23.
I thought it would be a couple of episodes, but it’s a little over 90 minutes movie.

It seems rude to write a plot about Kingdom : Ashin of the North, so I omit it.

Kingdom : Ashin of the North feels like a relaxing page or bonus track.
But if you’re a fan of Kingdom, you shouldn’t miss it.
It acts as a stepping stone to the third season and explains the situation that began in Chosun.
And I think it will explain why Ashin’s actions will come out in season 3.

In the end, I’m looking forward to the 3rd season of Kingdom.

Kingdom : Ashin of the North Kim Si-ah

While waiting for Kingdom : Ashin of the North, I expected actress Jun Ji-hyun, but I can see actress Kim Si-ah, who plays young Ashin.
There are a lot of young Ashin.
I wondered who she was, but she’s a child actress from Movie Miss Baek.

Kingdom : Ashin of the North does not recommend viewing with too much expectation.
The surprise that I feel after watching both Kingdom seasons 1 and 2 cannot be felt at Kingdom : Ashin of the North.

It’s said that the Kingdom’s another story will be produced again.
The crown prince is the main character, Kingdom: The Crown Prince, and it will be directed by director Kang Yoon-sung, who directed The Outlaws.
I was surprised to see The Outlaws, and I think it would be nice to feel this way in Kingdom: The Crown Prince.

When will Kingdom Season 3 begin production if Kingdom : The Crown Prince is also produced?