Justice League Snyder cut Review

I finally saw the Justice League Snyder cut.
I was really surprised to see the Justice League Snyder cut.
I heard that there are additional filming cuts, but how can there be such a different movie based on the same shooting cuts?
I realized that different movies can be created depending on the director.
The plot and the unusual things can be spoilers, so I’ll skip it.

Four hours was not boring.

Actually, I was a little worried before I saw it.
I thought it would be boring for about an hour in the beginning of the four hours, but it was so fun that four hours were not too much of a burden.
I don’t know if it’s going to be this long in the first place and if it’s going to be edited or not, but thanks to the long time, the heroes’ stories continued very smoothly.

The action must be directed by Jack Snyder.

Hero’s action will also be hard to follow director Jack Snyder.
The action of the Justice League Snydercut seems flawless.
Especially, I still like the sonic boom when Superman flies away.

Re-established Heroes

If Joss Whedon’s Justice League felt like Superman and children, all the Justice League members were re-established as lead heroes.
As Flash and Cyborg, who were really terrible, were given a role, I think I found the original version of Batman in the Justice League.
If Superman, who has the strongest power, acts a little stupid or reckless, you’ll see the Justice League that DC Annie has shown so far.
As a result, I began to feel sorry for the absence of the green lantern.

Dark Color and Background Music in DC

Different colors from Marvel, something gloomy and dark in DC, and background music are back.
However, I don’t know if Snyder wanted to put this part out more, but there were some scenes where I could focus more on music with a slow screen.
Personally, I’m satisfied with it, but I think it could be pointed out.

Stephen Wolf’s still regret

Stephen Wolf has also been upgraded considerably.
It’s a lot better than Jose Whedon’s Stephen Wolf, but I’m still a little disappointed at the consumption of Stephen Wolf.
In Batman vs Superman, which is the first installment of the Justice League, Snyder sent Doomsday away, and so did Stephen Wolf.
I think this part might be a bit disappointing for DC fans, but since Dark Sider has been shown, it’s somewhat attenuated.

New movie, Justice League Snyder cut

I saw a completely different Justice League with the same cast.
There was no strange story development of director Jack Snyder, who had been pointed out, and the proportion of each hero was well established, giving me enough fun.
It seems that only expectations for the last episode of Director Jack Snyder’s Justice League, which is expected to be difficult to produce, have increased.
I think there’s now a well-competeable movie in DC, which is inferior to Marvel movies.
It was a hero movie that I enjoyed watching in a while.
I recommend you don’t miss it.