Netflix Night of Paradise Review – A movie full of cliches

The long-awaited movie “Paradise Night” was listed on Netflix on April 9.
It is the night of paradise, directed by Park Hoon-jung, who is famous for the New World and The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion.
The production company chose Netflix, not the theater, as the Corona pandemic, so I could watch it right away.

There will be a lot of people who are looking forward to director Park Hoon-jung, so I’ll skip the plot.
Except for the plot, I’d like to write a few words after watching the night of paradise.

The full cliché of the Night of Paradise

The night of paradise is cliche.
I think they’re saying it’s completely cliche.
I think director Park Hoon-jung made a determined and corny movie.
Everything that will continue is expected in advance. I’ve seen this story a lot before.
I wonder why director Park Hoon-jung produced such a cliche movie.

The background of the Night of Paradise in Jeju Island and color

Why is the background of Jeju Island looking at the night of paradise? That’s what I thought.
The background of Jeju Island and the color of the movie are quite unique.
The movie is full of cliches, but the background of Jeju Island’s nature and color do not match this cliches.
Nevertheless, Jeju Island and its color are unique and pretty.

Actors in Night of Paradise

The actors I meet at Night of Paradise end with the idea of “As expected.”
All the actors are showing outstanding performances regardless of the amount of appearance.

Actor Cha Seung-won has shown a new villain, and actor Jeon Yeo-been is gaining popularity through the drama “Vinsenzo,” which will become even more popular.
Actor Uhm Tae-goo also made me think that I should watch Uhm Tae-goo’s movie again.

And I wonder if actor Cha Seung-won’s lines were set in advance or modified in the field.
The use of the line, “Are you okay?” makes me think it’s predetermined.

Movie Night of Paradise is

Personally, I’m waiting for Director Park Hoon-jung’s “The Witch: Part 2.”
“Night of Paradise” seems to be a movie that conflicts with these expectations.
I’m still thinking about why the title was “Night of Paradise.”

I think Night of Paradise is a movie that many people will watch on Netflix even if it’s not good or good.
The reviews of the movie are expected to be quite different.
At the end, it is refreshing to see them clean up at once, but I think the cliches, Jeju Island, and colors will show a lot of opinions.