Netflix Movie Stowaway Review – Hard to watch.

It’s a review of the new movie Stowaway on Netflix.
First of all, I think it’s a movie that’s hard to watch.

Expectations for a Stowaway

If you look at the trailer of Stowaway, the universe is the first background and actors stand out.
I’m looking forward to seeing a wonderful universe view (?) even if I can’t, and it makes me look forward to actors such as Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, and Toni Collette.
In particular, actress Anna Kendrick’s personal image was bright, so I started to watch it without much worry.

It’s hard from the beginning of the stowaway.

When the movie starts, the scene of a spaceship with three people on board departs is quite long.
Watching this scene, I can clearly feel the feeling when the plane first encountered severe turbulence.
If I had seen it on the big screen, I would have felt stronger.

It’s full of the feeling of closed space.

I could’t see the space background.
I keep feeling trapped in a really small secret room.
Maybe it’s because the crew is too used to moving in a weightless state in space, or I think it’s a secret room only outside the window.
In the second half, there is a scene where they are active outside the spaceship, and this scene also maintains the frustration.

A forced choice

As that happens, it develops into a story where people who are involved in a small secret room try to solve the problem, but fail and end up being forced to make a choice.
And it ends with making a choice.

Director Joe Penna

Stowaway’s second film, director Joe penna.
The first film was the movie Arctic, which was also about survival.
Arctic is also a wide place, the Arctic, but it felt isolated, and Stowaway is the same.
Let’s see if Joe Penna’s third movie will be like this.

Stowaway Review

The movie Stowaway, which is both boring, quiet and static.
It also looks similar to George Clooney‘s movie The Midnight Sky.
It tells the story of people forced to choose to survive in a fairly limited place.
I think It can skip it to a certain extent, but I think it’s harder to see it now that it’s released like this.
But I think the actors’ acting led the movie well.
Why does Netflix produce this style of movies? That’s what I think.
It’s not a good movie for people with claustrophobia.