Movie Heart Blackened Review – The heavy echo of actors Choi Min-sik and Lee Ha-nui.

I often watch Korean movies on Netflix these days.
I found out from watching Netflix that there are a lot of Korean movies that I haven’t watched.
The movie I watched this time is called Heart Blackened.
Let me post a personal review of the movie Heart Blackened.

The first and second half of the movie Heart Blackened.

Movie Heart Blackened is a movie in which the first and second half are clearly divided like a soccer game.
If the feeling of the first half continued, it wouldn’t have been easy to see it through.
The reversal, which is often mentioned in the movie reviews of Heart Blackened, is interesting in the second half.
I think the first half was too loose for this second half.
It was good to rush to the end, but I think It focused too much on the second half.
I’d like to put it on the first half as well.

Actress Lee Hanee and Choi Min-sik’s acting is

There is no further comment on actor Choi Min-sik. I knew it.
Why did actress Lee Hanee play this role? I kept thinking about it and saw Heart Blackened.
I thought her role was faint, not appearing in many scenes, but at the end, I saw actors Choi Min-sik and Lee Hanee’s facial expressions with everything in them.
It’s a very short scene, but I understood why actress Lee Hanee chose this movie in this scene.
The two actors express a lot of emotions at once.

Movie Heart Blackened is

I don’t think the movie Heart Blackened is an interesting movie.
In the second half, there is a twist in the back of the head as it speeds up, but I keep remembering the scenes of the two actors mentioned above rather than the twist.
It won’t be remembered as an interesting movie, but the acting of the last two actors will continue to be remembered.