My review of the movie Seo Bok

Actor Gong Yoo and actor Park Bo-gum starred in the movie Seo Bok.
Then I have expectations.
I look forward to the release of the movie.
However, the release continues to be postponed due to Corona Pandemic.
Eventually, in April 2021, eight months later, the movie was released in theaters and OTT, and I will watch the movie.

This is why I saw Seo Bok.
Directed by director Lee Yong-joo, who directed Architecture 101, and starring Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum.

I expected the movie Seo Bok to be an SF movie.
But the movie only borrows SF elements and is just a two-man movie.
It was a movie where a man who was declared dead and a man who didn’t die accompanied together.

Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum’s acting are good, but the movie is honestly not fun.
Only the scene where Park Bo-gum eats a lot of bowl noodles is fun.

The visual beauty and actors’ acting are good, but it may not be enough to personally recommend them.

If you are a fan of Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum, you should not miss the movie.

Seo Bok is a personally disappointing movie.
I think the expectation for Lee Yong-joo is too much.
I think I was going to talk about life and death, but it wasn’t enough to impress me.