KDrama D.P. Episode 3 That Woman – Actress Won Ji-an

I enjoyed watching the Kdrama, D.P., which opened on August 27 on Netflix.
The acting of the supporting actors, including the main actors, was impressive, and it took quite some time to find the name of the actor who played Moon Young-ok, the girlfriend of the deserter in the third episode.

Korean Actress Won Ji-an

The actress who plays Moon Young-ok is Won Ji-an.
Even if I search for the article, I can only see the information that she shot her first pictorial and that she will appear in the movie Happy New Year that seems to be in production.
I’m not into D.P. dramas in my profile.
She is a really rookie actress in Korea.

It seemed to be anticipated enough to play the main role of D.P., and it was impressive.
I’ll look forward to good activities in the future.