Kdrama You Raise Me Up Review

Wavve (wavve is Korean OTT Service) produced and aired the original drama, but this time, You Raise Me Up is the only drama that was released on Wave.
Like Netflix, all the episodes were revealed at once.

Kdrama You Raise Me Up Review

You Raise Me Up’s Eye-catching Start

You Raise Me Up starts with the male lead’s impotence.
The female protagonist, who is the counterpart here, is a urologist.

I started to look at it with the thought that it was determined to attract attention.

That’s why I wonder if it’s not aired on TV but only on Wave.

Kdrama You Raise Me Up Review

The cast of You Lays Me Up.

Actors Yoon Si-yoon and Park Ki-woong, Hani who should now be called actors instead of singers, are short dramas with 8 episodes, but you can see many actors and they are short scenes, but they show heavy acting.
The unexpected performance of art director Kim Seol-jin, who saw his first performance in Vincenzo, greatly evokes the weight of the play. And one of the puppies plays a good role. ^^

The bitterness of You Raise Me Up

I thought it was a comic drama that started with erectile dysfunction and added a story related to the sex of young lovers, but it contains quite a heavy and sad story.
After watching up to the 8th episode, I think we mixed the stories well and produced it.
I think it would have been a bittersweet drama if it wasn’t about sexuality.

Kdrama You Raise Me Up Review

You Raise Me Up Review

Not a few original dramas have been released on Wave, and I think it’s the most satisfying drama since Love Scene Number.
The 8th episode is not too long, so you can watch it in two days and I think you have a good plan.
If you are subscribing to Wave, I recommend you not to miss it.