Netflix Fate : Winx Saga Review

I happened to watch the drama called Fate: Winx Saga, which began to be distributed on January 22 on Netflix.
First of all, it was appropriate to watch six episodes, and one episode was not bad to watch for about 45 to 50 minutes.

Regarding the content, it can be a spoiler, so I’ll boldly skip it and write down the review.

Fate: Winx Saga should be seen as a high-teen drama, and since magic is included, it can be called a SF drama.
The five characters in the poster above can be said to be the main characters, and it is a drama where women are the main characters.
Since Winx is about fairies, it’s a drama where women have to be the main characters ^^
Handsome men are supporting with supporting roles.

The reason why I watch it as a high-teen drama is because handsome men come out but there are no exposure scenes. ^^

The deployment or story of Fate : Winx Saga is not very out of place or stretched.
It had the power to keep watching the next episode, and as expected, Season 1 ends with small things being solved and bigger things starting.
As Netflix’s current trend is to produce until season 2, Fate: Winx Saga is also expected to produce season 2.

Among the five characters, the main character shows a slight irritation, and from the end of the story, I think it will be a character who plays well in season 2.
It was okay because the other 4 characters were well divided into roles.

It is a story about a magical school similar to the Harry Potter series, but I enjoyed it.
I’m interested in watching Season 2 of Fate : Winx Saga, so it’s a fun drama.