Official trailer for waiting film Godzilla vs Kong is released.

Personally, this Godzilla vs Kong is the most anticipated movie of 2021.

Of course, I wonder why King Kong should come out with Godzilla, but I’m waiting because I like King Kong. I think the reason King Kong and Godzilla come out together is because of the box office.

I think the reason why I like King Kong is that Movie King Kong 2 I saw at the Hollywood Theater in Jongno of Seoul when I was child is still in my memory.

Anyone who knows the story of Godzilla and King Kong, even a little bit, will know that Godzilla and King Kong are not hostile. In the movie Godzilla vs Kong, there are stories about how to make Godzilla and King Kong fight, and there seems to be some credibility, but I’m thinking of skipping this.

I think we can just enjoy the scene where the two big monsters fight.
Godzilla, King Kong, and the monsters will appear and show you a great scene.

I’m already looking forward to the official trailer.