Netflix movie Kate Review

I am posting reviews of Kate, a movie registered on Netflix on September 10th.

These days, action movies of the female protagonist are often seen.
Now, there seems to be no difference between male and female actors in action scenes.
Rather, the action scene in which the female protagonist overpowers a huge man seems to give more pleasure.

Movie Kate is a killer movie where you can know the rough plot just by looking at the trailer.
The reason why I watch the whole plot is expected shortly after the movie begins is because of the action scene.

In the trailer, we can see actors Jun Kunimura and Woody Harrelson familiar with whom we are familiar.
And Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
It can be said that it is a movie that should not be missed just by looking at the cast.

Netflix movie Kate Review

After the movie John Wick, the main characters of the movie are getting pitiful.
If the cool-headed and cool-looking killer before John Wick was usually seen, the killer after John Wick is in a very awkward situation and shows a desperate appearance.

The movie Kate is also in a very difficult situation, and the main character Kate’s desperate action continues.
This action scene alone seems to be enough reason to watch the movie Kate.

Netflix movie Kate Review

The desperate and fierce action scene of actor Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays the main character Kate, catches the eye, but the story is very disappointing.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who made a strong impression at 10 Cloverfield Lane after being remembered as the daughter of John McClane of Die hard, may have carried too much burden on her shoulder alone in Kate.
The raining Japanese background shows a great screen, but despite Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s acting, the wet stories in the middle add to the disappointment.

I think it would have been better if I continued the action scene to the end without talking about this or that in the middle like John Wick.
Still, the movie received low scores from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, but is receiving good reviews from ordinary visitors.
I think the movie’s insufficient story was saved by Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s passionate acting.

I think it would be nice if Kate’s prequel version of the movie came out later.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead showed quite a great performance as a female warrior and killer.
I think it’s enough to be the next-generation action star.